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Client#255, 2018/01/15
My usual brand and model that I've worn for a few years now, bought this to replace mine that had worn out and these work just like they are supposed to. They have a strong feel to the sole and fit with no feeling of sliding or slipping, I use superfeet green insoles in them and it makes for a good combination that's right for my feet.
Client#1431, 2017/11/23
I am not sure how these will wear in the toe area with the mesh. I had a competitors shoe which was mesh all the way to the toe tip and wore a hole thru it in less than six months. The flex 2015 uses a leather tip covered toe area and these wear really well as I have been wearing them for alimost two years and they still have life left in them.
Client#790, 2017/08/03
Shoes are great.
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