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Client#588, 2017/12/12
The 2017 Nike Hyperdunk��s are a great pair of basketball shoes that I personally have enjoyed owning and recommend to anybody that is looking for a new pair of shoes to hoop in. When I��m shopping for basketball shoes I generally judge the shoes on three criteria: good ankle support, high comfort, and a fashionable look; the Hyperdunk��s satisfy all three. The 2017 Nike Hyperdunk��s are ideal for users who either want to use the shoes to play basketball competitively in or users who want to rock the basketball shoes look when dressing casually. I gave Hyperdunk��s a 5-star rating because they excel at the three things that are most important to a good basketball shoe.

The 2017 Nike Hyperdunk��s have the best ankle support of any basketball shoe that I have ever owned. Nearly all experienced basketball players have dealt with a bad ankle roll or sprain in their lifetime because of the high frequency in which these injuries occur in the sport. Because of this many basketball players need a shoe that fits snuggly and firm around their ankle and gives the ankle support, the Hyperdunk��s do just that. Before owning the Hyperdunks, every several times I played basketball I would tweak my ankle a little bit, but since using the Hyperdunk��s I haven��t hurt my ankles once; the ankle support in the shoe might be this shoes strongest feature.

In terms of comfort I give the 2017 Nike Hyperdunk��s an 8/10 rating. They are very comfortable for the level of performance that you are getting but are less comfortable then the most comfortable shoes out there. If you want to play basketball in these shoes then the Hyperdunk��s are going to be as soft on your feet as your going to get while maintaining high performance. Mine took about two times playing in them to break in but once they were broken in I never had a discomfort issue.

Style is more of a personal preference but I find these shoes to be very fashionable. They have a modern spin to the traditional Hyperdunk look; they can be sported fashionably in most everyday outfits and look great on the basketball court. My shoe ran a little large so a new buyer should be sure to try the pair on before purchasing.

Overall I definitely recommend the Nike 2017 Hyperdunk��s to anyone who wants to buy a new pair of basketball shoes. They have great ankle support, are comfortable, and look sharp. You can��t go wrong with this purchase.
Client#1951, 2017/10/15
I'm very picky about running shoes and these are great! Lots of cushion and plenty of room around the toes. The elastic in the laces is also very nice. I love the color and look too.
Client#104, 2017/09/09
light, comfortable, stylish. I get a lot of compliments on this pattern. Pricey but worth it!
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