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Client#504, 2018/01/15
thise are great !! Nike never dissapoints!!
Client#651, 2017/09/09
I have been wearing these shoes for years. I have a wide foot and a narrow heel. I hate shoe shopping. Nike adds 2 lace holes at the top so I can tighten the shoe around my ankles.
Client#160, 2017/09/09
I have purchased and been using these shoes daily for over two months, so I feel I have gotten a good sense of the performance of these shoes. If you are looking for a well-rounded, comfortable shoe for a variety of sports and activities, then these are on of your best options. It provides the flexibility and breathability of a light running shoe, while maintaining durability and quality. Overall, I am very satisfied with y purchase, but by no means am I blown away by the performance of these shoes.

The Good:
Everyone��s initial impressions are going to be based off the appearance of the shoes, and they look awesome. The colors were more vibrant, and the separate knit threads were more prominent than the pictures suggested, adding a lot of character to the shoes. The knit fabric of the shoes gives them a very unique and cool style. I was looking for colorful shoes when I was shopping, and that is exactly what I got with these. The colors are bright and much more varied than I expected, giving the shoes a unique pattern.

I also had a great first impression with putting the shoes on. The FlyKnit fabric is very impressive made it easy to slip my feet in. The fabric stretched and fit to my feet just like socks would, but it still feels durable and long lasting. The shoes were also very light, and barely felt like I was wearing anything. I feel that you could wear these shoes all day, and forget that you are even wearing them because of how light and comfortable they are.

The Bad:
I don��t have many gripes with the shoes, but considering I��m not one hundred percent satisfied, I had to consider why I wasn��t. After much consideration, I found that the number one thing I don��t like about the shoes are the soles. There are pros and cons and I��m sure most people wouldn��t have many problems with them, but they are the one issue that I have with these shoes. The soles seemed very tall. I felt like I was prone to twisting ankle while playing basketball.

Although I am not a fan of the size of the soles, the thick rubber does provide a good amount of shock absorption while running. I also like the design of the soles themselves. The slots in the soles allow them to be flexible, which adds to the lightweight feeling of the shoes, because there is less resistance when you are flexing your feet.


Altogether I give the shoes 4 out of 5 stars. Even though the soles are large, I��m sure it��s common in most shoes today, and they aren��t so bad that they ruin the shoe. The FlyKnit material is great and feels like it will last a long time, the shoes are perfect for a plethora of athletic activities, and they look great. If that is what you are looking for in a shoe, then I can confidently tell you that these are the shoes for you.
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