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Client#1701, 2018/02/13
I absolutely love stepping on things with these shoes!!!!!! The soles leave Awesome tread marks on soft things!!!!!! I had a girlfriend that had a red pair.....she flicked her cigarette to the floor and stepped right on it and crushed it!!!!!! When she stepped off of it, I saw that she had left perfect tread imprints in it!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!!! After that, I was completely hooked!!!!!!
Client#1328, 2017/12/28
I've owned the orange Pegasus 32 for a year, did the NYC marathon in them and still train with my triathlon team with them, so I went out on a fashion risk and purchased these & boy, was I SUPER happy I did!!!

- They run 1/2 size smaller (I'm an 8.5, so all my sneakers are size 9, but I bought these in a size 9.5 and they fit perfect)
- They're EXTREMELY comfortable (especially if you replace the sole with a Dr. Scholls athletic insert)
- They'e really good looking shoes (especially when you replace the laces with black Sof Sole oval laces)
- Material is textured, breathable & easy to clean (with cloth after use, not washing machine unless it's on gentle cycle)

- are insanely comfortable
- good looking sneakers
- good for long distance, short sprints (not all sneakers are) and even as a casual gym sneaker
- it's surprisingly light
- great if you're new to running since there's a lot of cushion in the heal (until you figure out how not to be a heal striker)

- requires a little upgrade to be perfect
- runs 1/2 size too small
- a bit on the pricey side
- a bit of a hassle when you change laces (has strings outside of the eyelids that can be fastidious)

Overall, a nice shoe to have as an addition, not as your only one. Hope this helps!
Client#1405, 2017/10/07
The first pair of Hurrache's I purchased (not from amazon) fit really snug. This particular pair fits perfectly.
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