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Client#1307, 2018/01/12
I am a casual runner, but I am very picky about my running shoes. I bought a pair of Nike Free 5.0+ running shoes about a month ago and love them.

Due to having bad ankles, I look for shoes that have more ankle support. This shoe gives has a good amount of support, but is also flexible. Some other Nike running shoes have good ankle support, but can be too stiff and are awkward to run in.

The Nike Free 5.0+ shoes are stylish and come in many colors. I have two pairs in different colors because I like them so much. The Nike 4.0 running shoes have a different look and a thinner sole. I like the look of the 5.0+ and the thicker sole is more comfortable to run in.

The price says it can go up to $309 depending on the color. If a certain color is too expensive, there are other websites that sell them at a better price. If there are not satisfactory options online, the Nike outlet stores have most of the current styles for a lower price. My shoes were $65 in store, which is the lower end of the price on this product post. Those particular about running shoes know that quality shoes can be expensive. The Nike Free 5.0+ shoes are good quality for a reasonable price.

The fit of the shoe is true to size. Nike generally has the same size guide for all their shoes. This makes ordering Nikes online easier. If this is not the case, a Nike store will exchange them.

I hope this review helps anyone who is looking for the right running shoe. It can be challenging to find them online, but I believe these shoes are a good fit for the average runner.
Client#1777, 2017/11/15
Extremely lightweight, yet sturdy and resilient. Handsome color, too!
Client#1539, 2017/10/15
Very good
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