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Client#1741, 2018/01/14
I believe Nike Air max 90 essentials are very good shoes for running. They are very good running shoes because the shoe has good stiffness. The stiffness is good for not having a lot of control on your foot, so your foot doesn��t move all inside your shoe. Stiffness is a good element for a shoe.

��The stiffness of the Nike Air Max, the men��s version is rated 8 out of 10, while the women��s version is rated 9 out of 10. This shoe has good stiffness, which is very important to ensure that you do not have that much control of your foot,�� (Runrepeat). Having more control of your foot will cause less accidents and a better run. The stiffness of the shoe is also good for the pronation. Pronation meaning the straightness of your leg while running with the shoe.

Nike Air Max are good shoes, but some people may not like them. Some may think they are horrid shoes and believe they are not good for running, but having owned the shoes they are great. Running in them are like running on a soft new carpet. I don��t believe people who gave Nike Air Max bad reviews, they are excellent and keep you steady.

My brother and I kind of have the same interests in a lot of things, like: video games, designs, animals�� So, me and him got a pair of Nike Air Max shoes. My brother is very athletic and so am I, but he likes to play football and basketball with his friends, I just run and ride bikes. Before, the Nike Air Max our shoes fell apart and we had sore feet, now in the Nike Air Max we can do the things we love in comfort.

Nike Air Max shoes are a little pricey but they are very worth it. As I said before do your shoes make you feel uncomfortable? Do they give you blisters on your heels or pinky toes? Well most shoes may do that, the Nike Air Max doesn��t. The Nike Air Max shoe gives comfort to whoever wears them. ��In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 debuted with visible air in its heel, allowing fans more than just the feel of Air-Sole comfort�� suddenly they could see it. Since then, next-generation Nike Air Max shoes have become a hit with athletes and collectors by offering striking colour combinations and reliable, lightweight cushioning��, (Nike).
Client#263, 2017/12/23
Very good minimalist running shoe. Great for the gym.
Client#1155, 2017/12/18
It is a little tight across the toes and I got a size larger.
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