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Client#1470, 2018/02/07
Always predictable fit and generally a comfortable sneaker fro the price.
Client#1536, 2017/12/12
These are great, probably my favorite of the series. I got my first 8 in the middle of marathon training (was running in 6 and 7 before) and these were great. So good that I bought a second pair a couple weeks later for when the first wore out and just bought a third pair because I figured they'd disappear soon since the 9s are out. I'm a heavy guy and average about 25 miles a week, these hold up pretty well.
Client#922, 2017/08/09
The Nike Vomero 11 is ideal for those that run multiple times per week or every single day. These shoes are also a great low-top option for inside sports as well. The Nike Vomero 11 was MADE for coaches that love to walk the sideline at practices. They are shoes that are athletic and look like they belong in the gym, while also being comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.


The Vomero 11 offers great support for your feet when you're on the go. In my experience alone, I've worn these shoes for over 8 hours a day on a basketball court for multiple days in a row, and I have never felt discomfort in my feet. This great characteristic of these shoes is thanks to cushion under your feet and the excellent way the shoes fit to your feet on all sides. The material is very soft on the upper part of the shoe as well, which makes for a great feel on the tops of your feet as well.


Although I haven't owned these shoes for more than a couple months, they seem to be holding up well. Even though the material on the upper half of the shoe is very soft and thin, I have had no problems with rips or cuts. Scuffs haven't been too much of a problem either; the bottom half of the shoe is very easy to clean as well. The grip on the bottom of the shoe is great for outside or inside wear, but I have already had an instance with the rubber ripping. This was due to playing basketball in them, and I was kind of rough on them. These probably aren't suited for basketball, but are definitely excellent running shoes.


The breathability of the Nike Zoom Vomero 11 is adequate. When wearing a shoe for very long periods of time, your feet are bound to sweat. This shoe is made of a light material that allows your feet to breathe through the top of the shoe. I have experienced 1 or 2 instances in which I felt that the shoe didn't breathe as well as I thought it should, but I had been very active for quite a few hours in a row. Overall, the breathability is very comparable to other running shoes out there. Another positive for the Vomero 11 is that the shoe does not have an odor. This a large benefit resulting from the breathability of the shoe.


This shoe is a great pick for those of you looking for a running shoe that fits well, is durable enough for you to run long distances or even to wear to the gym, and adequately breathes. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!
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