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Client#1312, 2017/12/28
for my son and he liked it
Client#119, 2017/09/16
I love these shoes! They are very feminine and flattering on my feet. I think they run a bit small i usually wear a 5.5 and ordered a 6 and they fit perfectly!
Client#857, 2017/08/07
I bought a pair of Nike Air Max 90 Essential with green color. This is really a pair of beautiful shoes. Their
outstanding appearance is the main reason why people choose them probably. These shoes are very
suitable for daily use. You can also use them for hiking and biking. These shoes are good products not
only because of the charming outside surface, but also because of the impressive durability. You do not
need to worry about if these shoes will be broken during a short time, because I tried them as a
skateboard shoes. I almost use them for braking on the skateboard every day. Until now, my shoes��
bottom sides look still in shape after one month��s heavy uses. You should believe these shoes�� durability,
even though you are the person who use shoes hardly like me. For this point, I suggest you people to
buy these shoes. What��s more, these shoes also have great breathability. The surfaces of these shoes
are made of cloth net. As a result, you won��t feel hot and airtight on your feet, even in broiling days,
because winds can go through inside easily. There is one more good characteristic you need to know.
These shoes�� shape is a little bit wider than other shoes I bought before. This design will give your feet
more space, in case you probably feel tight, so you do not need to worry if you have bigger size feet.
However, if you plan to use these shoes for running, maybe these shoes are not the perfect choice for
you because they cannot surround over your feet tightly. There is also one more point you may like
about these shoes. The soles of these shoes are made of rubber. This design makes these shoes antiskid.
At least for Iowa��s winter, you can handle all situation on the snow. This kind of material is also easy to
be cleaned, when they get dirty.
Of course, they are not perfect. The tie ropes look low-cost, which will influence the sense when we see
the shoes as a whole. However, it is easy to fix. You can buy any pair of ties, which you like, and try them
on these shoes. Generally speaking, these shoes are good products. If you need shoes and like the
looking of these shoes, try them. You won��t regret.
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